The Story

Loaded Non-Gendered Scents.

Cruelty-free, Vegan and No Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates.

Penetrate the Subconscious & Atomize Pleasure.

Provocative, unpolished and raw. Nonchalant, yet intricate. Art and design blended with chemistry to harness the senses. WILE is dominant, but submissive to your subconscious. It is transforming and loaded, but still completely unseen.

WILE scents are meant to please your self and entice those around you… while also stimulating your mind to travel to a place tucked away. Living in the moment is the strongest way to form vivid memories. Some of the best times can’t be photographed, but scent can recreate those experiences anew. It’s time to reminisce and relive. Unleash your freedom of expression. Especially during a time where normal isn’t so normal anymore.

Where will the scent take you, a memory of the past or to the unknown, a mere fantasy? To that blur of a face or your favorite destination? We promise the memories belong to you. We want the scents to become your story, while sharing with ours. My sincere hope is that each scent can get you there and be full of recollection and emotion.

WILE Eau de Parfum uses high-quality safe synthetics and natural ingredients to deliver long lasting scents, while protecting nature from over-harvesting and avoiding animal derived products. Safe synthetics have an undeserved stigma and WILE is here to stand against that. WILE focuses on developing products that do not contain toxic ingredients in order to provide a clean experience for both the body and the Earth.

Dan Lang

Dan Lang

Founder and Creative Director of WILE

WILE is a fine fragrance brand envisioned by Dan Lang with no limitations. Curious, hands-on and trained in design, Dan has always been intrigued by the way scent unravels with the warmth of bare skin and the use of scent in intimate spaces. Originating and drawing influence from his encounters in the nooks of foreign places and the creative personalities who surround him, Dan created WILE to transform visions and memories into a rousing fragrance of daring notes that mingle with more familiar ones. WILE is unapologetic, uncensored and sometimes crosses the red line. WILE is ever-changing and always inspired by surrounding realms.